Thursday, July 24, 2014

Painting Project of the Week

Painting Project of the Week

I have given myself a challenge to to finish one project per week.
This is the first project. 
I picked up this cute little three legged stool at an Estate Sale.

I believe, based on where there are holes plugged with wood, that this stool was remade from some other piece. Perhaps a chair or maybe a four legged stool.

I really liked the colors and how it was all chippy looking, but the paint was continually falling off.

I decided to sand it and repaint it. I wanted similar colors. 
I mixed Louis Blue ASAP with some green and yellow craft paint to get a color close to the original.
For the legs and rungs I used ASAP in Old White.

I distressed it by sanding it a bit.

I used a mix of three parts ASAP Clear Wax with one part Dark Wax to give it more of an aged look.

Here's the finished stool after two coats of ASAP wax.

My next project is to finish a set of four chairs I found in a neighbors trash. A true "Trash to Treasure" find.

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