Thursday, October 17, 2013

Repurposed High Chair

Have you ever wished you could find a good reason for hanging on to a sentimental piece of furniture, such as a high. One you may have used as a child, or one your children used as babies and toddlers. After all, it's a family heirloom.
This chair happens to be one I picked up at a garage sale a couple of years ago.
You can leave it in this condition

Or you could paint it

I decided to paint it
I used a buttery yellow called Zest from Valspar.

I mixed up some unsanded grout with water and paint. 2 cups of paint, 2 Tablespoons of grout and 2 Tablespoons of water.
This was according to a recipe on Pinterest.
I don't recommend using Valspar Paint when using this recipe.
It worked great for the first coat, but it was a nightmare putting on the second coat!
Certainly not for the fainthearted!
I either am too cheap, too patient or too stubborn, because I should have just discarded the batch and started fresh.

I like the color and how it eventually turned out, despite the DIY chalk paint fiasco.
The chair was a little too plain so I picked up a stencil to apply.
I stenciled the center bunch of flowers, but it didn't seem like enough. I placed the stencil at an angle and only stenciled part of the flowers.

I stenciled the smaller flower on the
foot rest and the tray 
Back to the Repurpose part of this project~
Before I painted the chair I put it in my Garage Sale~
A customer started a conversation with me about her vintage high chair.
She said she uses it as a night stand.
She puts a lamp on the tray and books in the seat.
I added some additional items.
The books in the seat
A lamp on the tray along with a notebook
Glasses and a pen on the foot rest
and a Towel hanging on the rung
What would you add?

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