Thursday, July 26, 2012


Burlap Napkin Wraps

One of the ideas we had for the wedding reception was to make Napkin Holders.  We thought it would speed the set up if the napkins were folded and kept in place with some kind of holder.

Some of the ideas were cloth covered PVC slices or cloth covered tissue holders.  The napkins would have to just be tucked into the rings. A simple procedure.

Another idea was to tie a ribbon around the napkin.
We settled on the burlap wrap idea.

The next step was to find burlap ribbon about four inches wide.  We looked everywhere and couldn't find what we were looking for. 

I decided to make the ribbon myself.  I purchased three yards of burlap, dusted off my serger and began the process of making my own burlap ribbon.

  I  measured four inch intervals, marked the lines with a sharpie. (The serger covers the marker lines, but you could also use chalk or the markers that fade.)  I serged along the length of the three yards of burlap on both sides of each ribbon.  If you've used a serger you know it cuts your material as it serges.  I repeated this step until the material was used up.  The ribbon width is up to you.  Measure at whatever width you need.

I was able to make 12 rolls of three yards of ribbon.  This meant I had 36 yards of burlap ribbon for $12.

Once I had the ribbon finished I folded the napkins, 120 of them, and measured how much length I would need for each napkin wrap.  I then serged the seem for each wrap and ironed them flat.

We could have used the wraps just like this, but we decided to add ribbon and some cute punches. The ribbon was secured with double stick tape. My sister, Dani, punched out three squares for each holder which were also held on with the double stick tape.

The silverware was added at the reception.

I could picture this being used at a fall table setting with orange, gold or brown.
It would look nice for a Christmas table setting with ribbon and a sprig of greens and berries.

The ribbon could also be used to make a burlap bow.  This Christmas tree was in the lobby of the church I attend.  It has a lush burlap bow and ribbons of burlap cascading down the tree.

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