Friday, July 27, 2012


This Summer has been extremely warm and I think it is limiting the number of garage sales.  I know it is affecting my desire to go to them.

I went out today and found a couple of "sub sales" but they were loaded with stuff for young children.  I did pick up some items, but nothing to write home about.

The pictures below are vintage items from a previous day.

This adorable little lamb planter is in excellent condition and would look great in a baby's room or as a Spring or Easter Decoration.

I love this miniature tin high chair.  It's about 10" tall and in very good condition.  It would look cute with a little vintage doll sitting in it, but I would also like to see it with a little potted plant spilling out of it.

This rustic vintage dolly could be used for its intended purpose or placed in a garden loaded with a pot of flowers and a vine climbing up the handle!

This rustic suitcase is made of wood with rope handles.  It seems to be homemade and is very sturdy.  It will make a great decorative piece for someone.  I could see it being used to display a vintage collection or a grouping of plants or flowers.

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