Thursday, January 16, 2014

Repurposing and Decorating with Vintage Lampshade Frames

Vintage Lampshade Frames have become popular in decorating.
They can be found at garage sales, thrift shops and estate sales for reasonable prices.

Vintage Lamp Shade Frame. A beautiful decor piece. #vintage #lampshade #frame

The frame above already sold from the Etsy Shop Bellalulu, what a cute vignette.

Here are a few I've picked up at different places.

These lampshades were in good condition. The one on the right got messed up on the way home. The unfortunate thing with both of the shades is that the fabric was very old and just touching it lightly caused it to rip.

The fact that it was so easy to tear made it easy to rip it off the frame.

The frames can be used to display vintage or up to date photos, flashcards or old recipes.

The shade below is from the Etsy Shop
Old book pages were added to the frame.
I think it would be cute with pages from a vintage children's book for your child's room. Or, add map pages for a more colorful look. The possibilities are endless! 
Book pages attached to lamp shade frame to create recycled shade.  Repurpose, upcycle, Salvage!  For ideas and goods shop at Estate ReSale & ReDesign, Bonita Springs,FL
The same Etsy shop made this lampshade frame draped with vintage photo slides, so creative!
I'm sure if you contacted the shop, they could use your slides to personalize it.

Lampshade made from vintage slides; wire together your old slides and hang from the wire frame of a recycled lampshade.  RePurpose, Upcycle!  For ideas and goods shop at Estate ReSale & ReDesign, LLC in Bonita Springs, FL
This frame draped in brass stencils can be found here.

The frames can be left as is or painted.
They also look cute wrapped in ribbon or fabric strips.
You can even add some beads, buttons or vintage jewelry.
This cute frame was found on Liefgeval Blog. 


You can find out how to wire one of these lamps here.

If the lampshade is tall enough it can be made into a little table like the one below found on Pinterest.
A circle of wood painted white turns this frame into a table.
You could also add a small circle of glass to the top of the frame to easily transform it.

Also found on Pinterest

Get creative with some vintage lampshade frames.
I'll be listing a few of mine on Etsy Shop.

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