Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Organizing Vintage Items for Etsy

Running two Etsy Shops has its difficulties.
First and foremost is ALL THE STUFF.
I love the hunt, but bringing the stuff home and finding a place for it is a challenge.
Most of the things we sell between the two shops are what I would call medium to small stuff.
Some of the small stuff might be game pieces, small toys, knick knacks, jewelry and antique glasses.

One of the issues with the small stuff is it being so small that it sometimes gets lost in the mess. 
It really doesn't take up much space, but does require some organizing.
Next is the medium sized items such as a doll bed, an ottoman, industrial light and a small chair. 

These items definitely take up more space, but they are also easier to find when a sale takes place.
The problem is when you have two shops with things coming in and going out on a regular basis.
Where do you put all of it?  We have a two car garage that doesn't have space for all the extra stuff.
We have a basement that has the usual things you might put in a basement, tons of painting supplies, seasonal items and much more.
(time to purge!)

We've put together eight industrial shelving units with four 2' X 4' shelves.
You would think that would be enough space, NO.

Between the two Etsy Shops I must have between 300 and 400 items in my basement either waiting to be sold, shipped or photographed for listing.

My solution to storing and keeping track of inventory is as easy as 1,2,3. 
1...separate the inventory for the two shops.
2...try to put like items together
(sewing, jewelry, kitchenware, wall hangings, etc. for VintageDiana)
(Fisher Price, books, stuffed toys, games, etc. for VintageToyland)
3...catalogue each shelf
(this would include a sheet attached to each shelf with what is on that shelf.  When an item sells, put a check mark next to it) 

A couple of additional columns that might help is to add the purchase price, where it was purchased and when it was purchased.

And then there's the large pieces like a set of four chairs.  I haven't listed anymore large items because I'm hesitant about the shipping charges and wrapping up a large object.
So I do have a number of large pieces taking up a lot of space.  It's really not a good thing.

I'm working on getting organized.  It doesn't come easy with a creative mind, but it will come from persistence.

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