Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Estate Sale Vintage Finds

I was on my way to run a few errands and came across an Estate Sale. The only problem was I only had $6 on me at the time. I bought a few things, but I was interested in a lot more.  They were in their second day, so everything was HALF OFF!!
They agreed to hold some of the stuff for me while I hurried off to the bank.
Crisis averted!
My husband was particularly interested in this Cox P-40 Warhawk engine powered plane.
He had this exact model when he was growing up and it brought back a lot of memories! 
The box is still in good shape along with the plane.
The box of ping pong equipment includes five paddles and three boxes of ping pong balls.
I also found the two vintage window fan. They're in good condition for their age and they still work! I only wish I had an old house to utilize them. 
One is a medium green, while the other one is more of an aqua color.
This vintage beach chair is structurally in good condition. The fabric needs to be replaced. If you look close, you can see where the back support is shredded. The fabric also smells like a musty basement. I think it'll be a bit tricky to do, but I'm up for a challenge! 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Free Butcher Block Counter Top

We're in the middle of a DIY kitchen makeover. We're planning on replacing the counter tops, but I really wanted to have a butcher block counter top for our island.
I was in the midst of having Physical Therapy for a back injury when I came across a butcher block table top on the side of the road. My dilemma, PT for back pain! After giving it some thought, I was able to "cartwheel" it into the back of my minivan and slide it in...back pain averted! 

The table had no legs, but I didn't need the legs. It was kind of messed up around the edges, but we were going to be cutting off the edge.

My husband trimmed the table to the correct size. It was 1 1/4" thick, so we added trim pieces around the edge. The trim pieces added
1 1/2" to the edge.
After much sanding,
I stained the piece and we installed it.

This is another picture of the before...
and after

Here are some pictures of the kitchen before we started.
In addition to the butcher block counter top on the island, we installed hardwood floors, new light

In addition to the butcher block counter top on the island, we installed hardwood floors, new light fixtures, painted the ceiling and walls.

We also painted the cabinets a medium gray, added wainscoting to the island and added all new hardware.
We're still planning to replace the other counter tops and add a subway tile back splash. 

Michigan Autumn Foliage Tour

This is a compilation of Fall pictures taken around Michigan. They were taken in Lyndon, Holly, Romulus, Ann Arbor, Saline, Clinton,Fenton and Milford, Michigan

Caboose in Saline

Crab Apple

Hawthorn Berries

Chessie System Caboose in Romulus

Red Barn and Buffulo at Domino Farms in Ann Arbor