Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chinese Heptacodium, Autumn Update

We planted this Chinese Heptacodium, Seven Sons Flower, a few years ago.
I had one at my previous home and loved it. So, when we changed the landscaping, I wanted to add this plant. 
It's planted right outside our living room and bedroom.
The plant was about seven feet tall when we planted it. It's about 15 feet tall now and will grow to around 20 feet tall. 
The tree has beautiful clusters of fragrant white flowers in August.
The flowers are especially fragrant in the evening.
They attract butterflies and bees.

But the special attraction of this small tree/bush comes once the flowers have dropped.
The sepals turn a beautiful pink and put on an even more stunning show.

During the Winter season the tree has seasonal interest in the way of peeling bark.
I still haven't decided if I want it to look more like a shrub or a tree look. To get the tree effect I'll have to trim the lower branches.
You can read and see more pictures of the Heptacodium_miconiodes

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