Monday, July 28, 2014

Estate and Garage Sales

This past Friday and Saturday I went to a few garage sales and estate sales.
Below are some of the items I picked up.

A woman at one of the garage sales was ready to get rid of her vintage picnic basket collection. I was ready to purchase it for the right price! 

At an Estate Sale I spotted these pinch pleat draperies from the fifties or thereabouts. They're in perfect condition!

At another estate sale I found this handmade vintage wooden carrier, maps, strainers and more.

Check out this vintage wrapping paper in it's original packaging.

My daughter is really into quilting, so when I saw this set of quilting rulers, I picked it up for her. She also does knitting, needlepoint, gardening, travel and much more! You can check out her blog here.

At one of the Estate Sales I picked up these beautiful bowls. When I returned home I checked online to learn about them.
They're Catherineholm bowls made in Norway. They're from before 1968 when the company closed.

It's hard to keep track of, but all of the items were purchased either from the one Garage Sale or one of three Estate Sales.
All but one, I happened upon in my travels to do errands.
This vintage Bingo Game would be great for a game night party.

I liked this little wire basket and I found a partial croquet set.

Here's a rustic pail along with some coils for re purposing.

Butter Mold Presses

A couple of vintage alarm clocks

Most of the items will go in my Etsy shop. The rest will be re purposed.
It was a fun weekend!

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