Saturday, November 16, 2013

Before and After, Desk/Table

I found this Desk/Table at a garage sale.
It had one of the worse paint jobs I've ever seen. I'm sure most would agree.
I bought it because it had a nice shape and was very sturdy. It's hard to see, but it does have a drawer.

I thoroughly sanded and cleaned it before painting it.
I knew I would be using ASCP, French Linen, but I also knew this piece was a mess.
The front edge was really chewed up. We used a straight edge and the hand Skil Saw to take a sliver off the front edge.
I painted two coats of French Linen

Applied one coat of Clear Wax
Distressed with sandpaper and steel wool

I then added a second coat of wax using approximately 75% Clear Wax and 25% Dark Wax
When that dried I buffed it
added the black drawer pull
It's complete!

This has been almost finished for over a month, just waiting for the drawer pull to be installed. 

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