Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Cornhusk Dolls, Crafting History

Years ago I had a craft business making
Corn Husk Dolls.
Through the almost 20 years I was making them, I probably made over 2000 dolls.
Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving I decided to share some of the Thanksgiving Dolls.
 I started making these dolls in the eighties.
I found directions in a "Country Home Crafts" magazine. I wanted to make them for the longest time, but it wasn't until our church had a doll theme to the mother/daughter banquet.
I was part of the decorating committee.
It was just the push I needed.
I tweaked the directions quite a bit.
They turned out so nice that some of the ladies wanted to buy them.
Thus began an almost twenty year career.
I sold them at craft fairs in Connecticut and Michigan.
They were sold in shops in Connecticut, Massachusetts and at Greenfield Village in Michigan. (one of my favorite places to visit, check it out here. It's a living history museum.) 
I haven't made any of the dolls for around eight years and these are all I have left of the Thanksgiving Dolls. 
In addition to the ones you see here, I also made a male Pilgrim, Boy Pilgrim, Girl Pilgrim and a Little Girl Indian.
You can see the Papoose on the back of the Female Indian
The Female Pilgrim Holds a Pumpkin in this picture. You can also see the Corn Husk Sheep in these pictures.
While I lived in Connecticut I was approached by Family Circle to provide the Dolls and the directions to make them.

I'll have to post some of my Christmas Dolls soon!

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