Thursday, July 4, 2013


Glimpses of my Garden


Blue Wave Petunia, Lantana, Pink Brachycome,
Purple Angelonia and Alyssum
Lavender and Pink Mandevilla

Jackmani Clemetis

Shasta Daisy
This variety has nice sturdy stems for flower arranging

More Daisies

Lavender and Mandevilla

Purple Fountain Grass, Millet Grass and Blue Wave Petunia

Jackmanii  Clematis

Bird Bath surrounded by flowers

Close up of the flower basket

Boxwood and Lavender
Jackmanii Clematis, Knockout Rose and
Endless Summer Hydrangea (yet to bloom)

Window Basket

Purple Iris

I'll leave you with a picture of Charlie testing the water in the birdbath. 
He had to make sure it was okay for the birds!

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