Saturday, April 13, 2013

Estate Sale Finds, Installment 3

Last weekend I went to several estate sales after a long time being couped up inside due to an extremely cold Winter and an extended illness.
I finally started feeling better and decided to get out to some sales.
I decided to break things up a bit by doing multiple posts.  You can see the previous items herewhich includes vintage clothing and miscellaneous items.
This installment is mostly about industrial and rustic.
Divided Drawer
This Summer I'm doing a craft show with two of my sisters.  My plan for this divided drawer is to use it to display some of the things we'll be selling.  I may or may not paint it.
Rustic Wood Box and Red Pencil Sharpener
Cole Steel File Drawer

Steelmaster File Drawer

One is a Cole Steel file drawer in an army green.  The other is a Steelmaster in a gray color.  The two file drawers will go on my Etsy Shop.
Red Pencil Sharpener

Vintage pans, nail brush and oil cans
The last group of items include five oil cans.  I'm not sure what I'll be doing with these, but I seem to buy them whenever I come across them.
The large Ovenex cookie sheet is in rustic condition.  I think it would be great re purposed as a magnetic board.
There are also two sets of different size Bake King Cake Pans. They'll go on my
 Etsy Shop.
Last in the group is a little vintage nail brush with a mother of pearl celluloid top.

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