Friday, April 12, 2013

Estate Sale Finds, Installment 2

This is a continuation of last weekends estate sale finds.  I started out with the
vintage clothes found here.  Today will be some of the miscellaneous vintage items I found.
Vintage Lampshade, Quilt and Chenille Spread
Background~Four piece green suitcases

Vintage Stool, Cake Carrier, Clamp Light, Clocks
I went to several sales and found a few things at some of the sales and a lot of things at one sale.
The Lampshade was covered with tattered fabric
Vintage Lampshade, I have a lamp that this may just fit!

7 Vintage Hall Autumn Leaf Cups
Vintage Cake Carrier

Small stool with gold vinyl cushion
1953 and 1976 Scrabble Games, Old Dictionaries
and Old Hymn Books
More pics of the vintage suitcases, a rolling pin
and a wood candle holder.
A Christmas Tree made from Vintage Jewelry
A vintage star burst clock and the Chenille spread
I will post some of the items in my Etsy Store and some will be used in crafting.
The wood candle holder will be used to make the base of a re purposed cheese dish.  I've already glued the pieces together and painted one coat of Old White Chalk Paint.
The dictionaries and hymn books will be used for Paper Crafts and in Decoupage Projects.
I'm not sure what I'll be doing with the lampshade.
One possibility will be to make a hanging lamp.
To be continued... 

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