Sunday, February 24, 2013

Think Spring Vintage Style

When decorating for Spring
Think Vintage
An old Bunny Nestled in a Vintage Basket
An Old Vase or a Glass Flower Frog
Filled with Spring Flowers
Vintage Lambs among grass and Eggs

A Decorative Flowery Spring Bowl
An Old Birdcage
Filled with Chicks, Bunnies, A Beautiful Plant
Vintage Jewelry
Vintage Wooden Bowls filled with grass, eggs, chocolate bunnies
You can also use vintage toys, like this colorful watering can.
Or how about this little highchair with a little pot of Baby Tears or a stuffed bunny.
Or your could go a little "Kitchy" with these little funky crochet chickens 
You can find all these on Etsy 

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