Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, Wutz Next?

Happy New Year!
I'm looking forward to the New Year, but it wasn't always that way.
In explaining this you'll know where the name of my blog comes from, Wutz Next?
Let me explain...
Many years ago it would come to the beginning of a year and my husband and I would look forward hoping the next year would be a better year.  The next year and the next would come, not seeming to get any better.  At that time I would ask myself, "What's next?", thinking I couldn't handle another year like the previous year.   I finally got it, God was trying to teach me to trust Him instead of trusting in things going smoothly for me.  I needed to learn that whatever a New Year would bring, God would be there to see me through what was next. 
I decided to take that seemingly negative take on "What's Next" and give it a positive spin.  I now think of "What's Next?" in a creative way.  My husband always says the best way to describe me is using the word Creative.  I've done many things through the years where I have used that God given talent.  Some of the things I've done...
Corn Husk Doll Business, I've probably made between 2-3 thousand of them.  I sold them at craft fairs, in shops in Connecticut and at Greenfield Village in Michigan.
Painted Furniture,   The home we used to have had a large barn which we used a couple of times a year to have Art and Antique Sales.  I sold the painted furniture there along with a talented group of ladies who created various items.
Gardening, I have the gardening gene passed down from my dad, my grandfather and two grandmothers.  I like anything to do with gardening, but I LOVE flower gardening!
I worked for 6 years at a garden center where it seems I learned something new every day.
It was a great place to work for that reason alone but I also got to see beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, herbs and everything that goes along with gardening.  Another plus was sampling the fragrances of so many of the plants. 

Cake Decorating, which I picked up while going to college. Also, later branching out to do painted cookies.

Flower Arranging, doing arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages for weddings.
In between these endeavors I learned calligraphy, basket making, theorem painting, paper quilling, candle making and I'm sure I'm missing some other fun things.
My latest "Wutz Next?" having a couple shops on Etsy.  My shop is Vintage Diana 72 and the shop I manage for my Mom is Vintage Toyland.  Check them out by clicking the links below.
I've also gotten in to painting furniture again.  Years ago when I painted furniture it was done in a much more decorative style.  Maybe doing a plaid, flowered or striped design on a chair.  The furniture I've been doing lately is pretty much a single color that has been distressed and stained or waxed to age it some.

I'm not sure "Wutz Next?" for 2013, but I have peace that God will see me through!
God Bless You in 2013!

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