Friday, May 4, 2012

Thrifty Friday

Having an Etsy Vintage Business, I spend many days scouting Garage Sales, Estate Sales, Thrift Stores and Flea Markets.
For the most part I really enjoy the hunt, but from time to time I run into things that bug me a bit.  At other times I run into things that make me laugh.
I'll share both, along with tips and ideas of what to do with
the different things purchased.

The garage sale season is starting to ramp up here in Michigan.  The area where I live has a city wide sale once a year.  It just so happens that it was last week when we were getting ready for the Wedding Shower.  I decided to give myself one hour to shop and $10 to spend.

These vintage cast iron cornbread pans are great for dividing small item, such as buttons, safety pins or coins.
They also look nice just hanging in a kitchen or on fireplace.
Or you could also make individual corn breads in them, as they were intended.

This aqua basket would look nice in a bathroom with towels rolled up in it.  Place it in the kitchen with dish towels or in the family room with books or magazines.

This vintage bubblegum machine would look cute loaded with colorful gumballs or colorful marbles, you decide.

I purchased this vintage Playskool shoe pull toy just because it was so cute.  The pieces were lost, so what you see is what you get.  It could be used as a decoration in a child's room.  If you place a glass inside it could be used to hold flowers.  I think it would be especially cute threaded with a bright ribbon, an arrangement of flowers and used for a
decoration at a baby shower.

This vintage green bench can be used as a coffee table or a bench.  It would look nice at the foot of a vintage bed draped with a throw.

I purchased these lightweight pots because you can never have enough pots.  At least that's what I tell myself.  I'm not sure if I'll leave them as is, or paint them.  The do have drainage in the bottom for which I'm happy.

 I'll close with this funny story.  When I go to garage sales where there are children selling lemonade, cookies, water etc. I like to support them.  If it's something I really don't want, I'll just give them some money anyway.  I was at a sale last year on a very hot day and bought a bottle of water from two young children.  I told them I wanted a cold one so the little boy reached in and gave one to me.  I left in my car on my way to the next sale.  I was a couple miles away when I decided to open it.  It opened easily, too easily and I noticed it already had water missing.  Apparently the kids must have gotten  thirsty too!
Lesson-Make sure to check the beverage before you leave the sale!

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