Monday, April 30, 2012

Wedding Shower

The Wedding Shower has happened, now it's  time to prepare for the wedding.

Here are some pictures from the shower.

The shower was beautiful!  Two of my sisters did all the planning and designed and made most of the decorations.
The table runner is made from a piece of fabric with the colors my daughter chose for her wedding colors.  My sister, Debbie, meticulously cut around each circle at the edge of the runner, what patience!
Debbie and Dani put together pictures of the weddings of many family members.  They included the names and dates on tags attached to each stand.  These were scattered throughout the table settings.

They decorated bird cages with ribbons, bows, birds, branches and decoupaged eggs.

Gift basket were made to give out to those whose names were chosen by Ruth, the bride to be.

There were gorgeous gift bags for every
attendee.  Dani spent hours punching out flowers and tags to decorate the bags.

  Debbie spent hours making beautiful necklaces that were included in each bag.

Debbie's sister-in-law, Nancy, made the most delicious chocolate truffles.
They were packaged beautifully in black boxes wrapped with ribbon with cute little birds on it and finished off with a scalloped tag.

Also included were wedding cake cookies I made.

We had a delicious meal made by Kathy, a friend of the family.  It included a delicious garden salad, garlic bread and veggie and meat lasagna.
After the meal there were six varieties of miniature cupcakes, cookies, bon bons, truffles and fresh fruit cups to enjoy.

Next, we watched the bride-to-be open her gifts.  She got some wonderful things and I thank everyone for coming and helping her out as she prepares to start her married life.
She was given a wedding crown and a bride sash to wear.

Our family really came together to make this a very special day.  My parents opened up their home, an old Victorian house, to host the shower.
I am very thankful for all they did to get ready for this day.
The following are additional pictures from the celebration.

Thank you Dani, Debbie, Mom, Dad, Kathy, Rebekah, Rachel, Evelyn, Jenny, Sarah Denise, Jimmy and everyone who shared and helped in this beautiful day. 

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