Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 Spray Paint Can Storage

I have a lot of "stuff" to organize and store. I need to get rid of much of it, but that's another story.  I like to use various things I have on hand.  My youngest daughter was into Beanie Babies when she was younger.  Some of them were displayed in a shoe rack hanging on her door.  I've found a new use for it, it now stores paint along with another one I found at a garage sale.

Paint Tube Storage

My tubes of paint are stored in crocks on my craft table.  Easy to reach!

Craft Paint Bottles and Paint Supplies

I picked up this child's storage bin at a garage sale. I didn't know exactly how I would use it, but I knew it would come in handy.

It works great for my bottled craft paint and paint supplies.

Brushes and Tools

This vintage metal basket is fitted with six plastic flower pots from Ikea.  It holds markers, brushes, scissors, tools and stencil brushes.
Everything is easily accessible and easy to find, if I put them back when I'm finished with them.

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