Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Garage and Estate Sale Finds

Estate and Garage Sale Finds
We've had some beautiful weather in Michigan lately. It's made shopping at Estate and Garage sales a little nicer. 

I found lots of stuff at an Estate Sale and two Garage Sales.
I came across this article on uses for mineral oil, so I picked this up to try it.

I love the pattern and colors in this quilt!

I found this lovely table cloth and crochet bedspread. The crochet bedspread is a large size to fit a full or queen size bed.

I have this thing for divided containers. I think this may have been used to organize small hardware.

I picked up four vintage salt and pepper shakers, deer, shark, Pepsi bottles and wood stove designs. There's also some old dresser hardware and a desk organizer.

There are three small suitcases and a red and white case that holds a bonnet style hair dryer.

I also picked up these cute little Tupperware Salt and Pepper shakers with carrier.

Here's a rolling pin and a vintage Christmas table runner.

In some of the pictures you can see a three tiered rolling kitchen cart.
It's in excellent condition and appears to be from the sixties.
More pictures of the small luggage and a lighted case for viewing slides.

Some of the items were sold at the show this past weekend. The others will be listed in my Etsy Shop or used in one of my projects.

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