Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cleaning Vintage Suitcases

I went to an estate sale today where I picked up five vintage suitcases.

Three of the suitcases were Samsonite in a dark blue with ivory trim.
When I picked them up they were sticky and dirty.

Cleaning the suitcases isn't hard, but it is a bit time consuming.
First, I vacuum them out.
There are three products I use for cleaning. Goo Gone, Simple Green and Comet. I usually use a rag or a sponge of some kind.
The Comet works as an abrasive. I shake some out on the surface where I'm working. Using a dampened rag or sponge, I dip it into the comet. I gently rub the part of the suitcase that needs cleaning.
During this process, I'm constantly rinsing the rag or sponge and wiping the suitcase.
Here's one of the suitcases half done.
After a lot of the dirt and grime is gone, I use a damp cloth sprayed with Simple Green. I don't like to put any of the cleaners directly on the suitcases for fear of the cleaner seeping inside.
I use the Goo Gone to get off any stickers that might be on the surface. 
This particular set didn't have a bad odor inside.
When they do, I place a bowl or an opened plastic bag inside filled with unscented, clay type kitty litter. It can take up to a month to get rid of any strong odors.
Placing a scented laundry sheet or a sachet inside is a nice touch.

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