Friday, August 30, 2013

Antoinette Pink Magazine Rack

Well, I don't think I'll be painting another magazine rack like this one! I picked it up at the Salvation Army for a good price and I wasn't at all sure I was excited about painting it.

I was concerned about all the intricate detail and getting all the way to the bottom and corners of each of the sections.

The piece was not in good shape to use it as is. The bottom of each leg was down to bare wood.

I started out painting it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White. One coat, and it was bleeding through pink. Two coats and it's still coming through pink. One coat of Kilz, and it's still bleeding.
So it wants to be pink!
That's when I got out my can of ASCP in the color Antoinette. It's a very pale pink with a hint of lavender.

To get the paint down in the corners I cut a small paint brush to about two inches, drilled a hole in the bottom of a paint stirring stick and pushed the paint brush through at a 90 degree angle. I was able to reach into spots that I couldn't get to before with a regular paint brush.
Here it is painted with ASCP in Antoinette, distressed and waxed.


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