Wednesday, July 10, 2013


A Tribute to my Father

This picture of my Mom and Dad was taken October 2012
at Vanatters Creek in Ranger, West Virginia, not far from
where my Dad grew up.
My Dad passed away recently after a very rapid decline due to back surgery and the pain medications he was prescribed.  He had some memory loss before the surgery.  We were unaware of the effects that anesthesia and pain meds can have on someone who is in the early stages of dementia.  It normally takes several years or more to advance through the seven stages.  We watched him deteriorate in just six short weeks.  We had the privilege of visiting him and staying with him while he was in the hospital and at the health care center.  We were able to all take turns caring for him at home where he passed away quietly, the Monday after Father's Day.
We were all able to say our "Goodbyes" as we gathered together on Father's Day.
There were so many family members, friends and neighbors who visited, prayed, helped with yard work, brought food, sent cards, called to check up on him and us.  They were amazing!
My Mom, sisters and brother and their spouses, along with the grand kids pitched in in the ways they were best gifted.  They all helped out by visiting, bringing food, cleaning, weeding, comforting and crying.
  He leaves behind his wife of 61 years, five children, their spouses, nine grandchildren, seven great grandchildren and a brother and sister.
We had a wonderful service performed by my cousin and his wife who are Majors in the Salvation Army.  Having Bill and Sue do the service made everything so personal and special.  My brother Ralph's wife Jenny read scripture.  Our cousins Pam, Cathy and Meredith (Cathy's daughter) and my husband Tom read words written by others and spoke of their memories of my Dad.  He was remembered as a kind hearted, hard working person who would do anything to help people.  He loved gardening, sports (especially baseball), West Virginia (where he grew up), but most of all he loved his family.

One of my favorite household chores came from my Dad, washing dishes.
Unfortunately, my love of sweets and chocolate was also passed down through him.
We all miss him dearly, but we know he is in a much better place.
I also inherited my love of gardening from my Dad.

The last couple of weeks I've been taking pictures of his garden flowers that he loved so much!

Impatiens and Day lilies with my parent's home in the background

Wagon filled with lilies and impatiens

Stella D'Oro Day lilies
Annabelle Hydrangea

Annabelle Hydrangea and Climbing Rose in the background

Annabelle Hydrangea, Lamb's Ear and Daisies(yet to bloom)
Lemon Yellow Asiatic Lilies
Orange Asiatic Lilies

Lemon Yellow Asiatic Lilies

Gold Rudbeckia
Another shot of the wagon with rose colored lilies blooming

This flowering cactus has been passed down many generations.
It needs to be weeded, but there haven't been any volunteers for the job!

I hope you enjoyed some of the pictures from my Father's Gardens.

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