Saturday, October 20, 2012

Estate Sale

Estate Sale Finds
I went to an Estate Sale recently and found an eclectic mix of vintage items.  The mix included household items, old maps, a doll, camera and more.
Every time I go to a sale like this one, I'm reminded of how I need to get rid of things. It's amazing how much I've accumulated through the years.  When I started my Etsy Shop it was with the intent of getting rid of some things I've collected and making some money.  I did that and found I enjoyed the whole online sales thing.
But now I find myself with a growing amount of vintage items.
Time to get busy listing!
Anyway, below are pictures of some of my finds.
A vintage Glass Juicer, Land O' Lakes Recipe Tin and a set of Peppy and Salty Shakers

Five Vintage Aprons

A Plant Stand that could use a little TLC
A couple of small industrial metal boxes with multiple drawers

Aqua Plastic Storage Container
A Polaroid Camera
A Red and White Enamel Pot
A Vintage Typewriter Paper Stand
A Vintage Plastic Kleenex Box Container
Old Maps

Vintage Carved Box

Leather Case
Vintage Greeting Cards
Driftwood Owl Painting
Vintage Birdcage
Mattel Swingy Doll
I'll end this with a picture of Charlie. He can be seen in the background of the picture of the Swingy Doll.
He was getting bored with the whole picture taking thing.

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