Monday, April 2, 2012


Another Gorgeous Sunshiny Spring Day!

The Flowering Pear Tree
in Full Bloom!

The Korean Spice Viburnum
(Viburnum Carlesii) 
You can see the pinkish buds below.
 The flowers smell wonderful
when they are in full bloom!

The Endless Summer Hydrangea
is beginning to leaf!

The Tulips are at about full height
and full of buds!

I can't wait to see these, they were newly
planted last fall.  They're a purple mix.
With bulbs you never know!

Last, but not least, the Chinese Heptacodium!
One of my favorite tree/bushes.
It will grow to around 15'-20'.
It has white fragrant flowers (that smell like Jasmine) in late Summer, followed by
bright pinkish red bracts that are even showier 
than the flowers. 
It also has added interest in the way of the
exfoliating bark. (if you look close, you can see it in the picture below) 
It's leaves turn a purplish-bronze color in the fall.
It's also called Seven Sons Tree.

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