Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fragrant Garden Flowers

I love flowers and I especially love fragrant flowers!  I'm getting ready to plan what annuals I want to plant in my flower garden this year.
These are some of my favorite fragrant annuals


Sweet Alyssum(white, pink & purple)
Nemesia(white & purple)
Stock(many colors)
Lantana(yellow, orange, pink & white)
Sweet Pea(pink, purple & white)
Hyacinth Bean Vine (pinkish-purple)

White Alyssum & Chrysanthemum

Some of my favorite fragrant perennials
Lavender(purple & white)
Lily of the Valley(white)
Primrose(especially yellow)
Lilies(many varieties & colors)
Chrysanthemum(many colors)
Roses(many colors and varieties
Tall Phlox(many colors)

I have five planter boxes around my back deck.  I like to include some of the fragrant flowers in these boxes.  I also like to include flowers that attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies in these boxes.

There are other fragrant annuals and perennials available, these are the ones I like to use.  I use these in pots when possible.  It gets the scent up a little higher, closer to your nose!
Be warned!  Bees like these flowers too!
But bees like most flowers.

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