Friday, March 16, 2012

A Day of Sanding and Painting

75 Degrees and Sunny
I had to take advantage of the nice weather
and do some more work outside.

I purchased this chair from the Salvation Army last year and finally got around to sanding it and painting one layer of Kilz.

I still am not sure what color I'll be painting it or what fabric I'll use in covering the seat.

I also got around to painting Kilz on these architectural Posts.  Years ago I tried to paint an
old fashioned Santa on each.  I really didn't like the
way they turned out.  They have been sanded, although you can see remnants of Santa on this post.

The posts have a removable cap which can be seen in the photo
above.  I rolled Kilz on most of the post and used a brush for the trim and the cap.

Here they are all primed and ready to paint and decorate.
You may also notice the circles in the background.
They're canvas circles I also primed with Kilz.

 This vintage plant stand is also waiting for a makeover.  I sanded it but I'll have to wait
another day to prime and paint it.

Check back to see the
finished project!

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