Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photography Room

After months of frustration, taking pictures that I'm not happy with we decided to convert a bedroom
to a photography room.  My daughter moved out about a year ago, so her room was a good candidate.
Her room was a beautiful tropical blue as seen in the picture.
The room has an Ikea piece that will come in handy!

Everything will be removed from the shelf to make room for photography supplies and as
staging for things to be photographed.

We painted the room a flat white.  It's not very exciting but it makes a nice backdrop for photos.

These hooks from Ikea will come in handy!

The shelf has been emptied and is ready for supplies.
Most of the things I photograph are vintage items.
Some of the things I like to have on hand are-
Scissors-for cutting stray threads, ribbons or paper
Tape-for holding items in place
Sticky Tac-for holding items in place or propping items
Small Easels-for holding pictures and small items
3M Command Hooks and strips-for hanging pictures and things
Iron and Ironing Board-for wrinkled things
Props-Old Books, Scale, Plants, Pencils etc.

These items are waiting to be photographed.
The two bins are great for holding some of the supplies.

Another good reason for having a room with a door is pictured below.

Curious Charlie!  My husband made a light box for photographing small items.
We had it in our living room where Charlie and Riley had to see what we were up to any time
we needed to take pictures.  Also,  everytime they ran through the tissue paper they would tear it.
Sorry Charlie!

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