Monday, January 30, 2012

Glittered Thrift Store Bunny

Glittered Bunny

I've been picking up vintage and fairly new figurines with the purpose of trying out glittering
them for a different look.  This particular bunny was a white ceramic bunny with a matte finish.

I cleaned him up, painted him with light pink acrylic craft paint.
 I could have left him white, but decided to go with the pink.
I let the paint dry and began the glittering process.
I had some of the Martha Stewart's glue made for glitter,
 but I think any type of white craft glue would work.

I used a paint brush to apply the glue in sections.
I didn't know how fast it would dry.
As it turns out I probably could have glued larger sections.
The pink glitter I purchased was a little too dark for a cute bunny so
I mixed the pink glitter with some white glitter.
I applied it in sections and kept working from there.

On the chest and inside the ears of the bunny I used straight white glitter.
It doesn't look white because the pink paint underneath shows through.
On the nose I used the pink straight from the container.
I left the eyes brown and didn't use glitter on them.

When I finished glittering the bunny the glitter seemed to come off on my hands and leave glitter residue
all over.  My solution was to spray it with clear acrylic spray in a gloss finish.
It worked, no more glitter everywhere! 
I'm sure if I were to do glitter in smaller amounts I would use a brush and paint the acrylic sealer on the smaller sections.
If you're using a ceramic figurine with a shinny finish I would recommend sanding the finish or using the product Liquid Sandpaper.  Some pieces might require using Kilz to keep the color from coming through the glitter.

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