Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cupcake Cakes

 Cupcake Cakes have become a popular alternative to traditional cakes for celebrations.
The following are some I've made.

These dragons were for the same party.  They have
been airbrushed.  The claws are made of icing at the base
of the "cupcake legs".

This little monkey was made with two large cupcakes (wrappers
removed), icing and cookies for the ears.  The bow was made with ribbon.

They're made by "gluing" the cupcakes to a board while
they're still in the wrappers.  The glue is icing or glucose. 
I place a small dollop on the bottom of each cupcake and
place them on the cake board in the shape of whatever I
want to make.  Children's coloring books with simple
drawings are great for cupcake designs!

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