Friday, February 17, 2012

Citrus Treasury


Having a shop on Etsy you are encouraged to create "Treasuries".  They're collections of 16 items that relate in some way.  They can relate by color, type of item, era or many different ways.
Some of my latest treasuries have included collections of
vintage toy trucks, industrial home decor and aqua and turquoise vintage home decor.
The most recent is a citrus colored vintage collection that includes home decor, clothing, shoes and kitchenware.

Click below to see the collection

The idea behind it is to advertise for other Etsy sellers. 
Hopefully some of their items sell.
If you're shopping on Etsy  these Treasuries can be a way of
easily finding items that relate to each other.
It's a good way of getting decorating ideas, a new ensemble, party plans and much more. 

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