Sunday, July 12, 2015

Estate and Garage Sale Finds

I haven't been to very many estate sales or garage sales this year where I've found things I'm interested in or that I think are affordable. Here are some of my latest finds.
Pictured below an old school clock, vintage bowling pin and a minty green striped blanket

Below are five pieces used to make chicken watering jars.
I've collected a number of vintage yardsticks for a future project. I'm getting close to having enough to start working on it!

Below are a couple of Pyrex Bowls and a heavy duty pulley 
I love to pick up vintage buttons!
Also, picked up a vintage cutting board

More vintage buttons!

In the background is a rustic box and a vintage timer

The clock has a fly inside, free of charge. Now, to figure out how to remove it! There's also a vintage strainer.

In the background is a handmade tool caddy, a future project!

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