Friday, February 13, 2015

Florida Vintage Finds

I recently made a trip to Florida with my Sister and Mom. We went to a lot of thrift shops, estate sales and garage sales. This is part of our haul. There were some things that missed the pics. (always a few things hiding somewhere)

I picked up another vintage globe. You can never have too many of these lovely things!

These brass stencils are really cool. They fit together by sliding into a channel on either side.

I picked up a bunch of vintage yardsticks. They had to be chopped up somewhat in order to fit into a suitcase.
Behind the yardsticks is a beautiful handmade quilt. It's in great condition other than needing to be cleaned.
We picked up a lot of sewing and jewelry pieces. There are vintage buttons, wooden spools, watches, vintage pearls and miscellaneous pieces. 

I couldn't pass up this beautiful vintage wedding dress and veil. It has a train with more lacework.

Below are some bits and pieces for re purposing.

My sister picked up the salt and pepper shakers and the blue dog and cat bottles.
I picked up the blue, yellow and white tablecloth.

Below are some more of the vintage sewing stuff and jewelry.

The shopping part was fun, the shipping part, not so much!

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