Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wizard of Oz, Monkey Makeover

My neighbor's grandson loves anything to do with the "Wizard of Oz".
She found this old monkey and wanted to transform it into a flying monkey, reminiscent of those from the movie (without making him too scary). 

We decided on fabric wings instead of feather wings to make him look a little cuter.

Since he already had an aged red white and blue outfit we wanted something to match.
The choice was tea stained pillow ticking for the wings and grey felt for the jacket. She didn't want to attach the wings directly to the monkey's clothing so we thought a simple jacket could be used.

I made a simple pattern of one wing, folded and cut it out to place on the material.

In order to make the wings hold up better I used a double sided iron on interfacing.

The next step was to pin it to the fabric and cut the wings.

I cut out four additional pieces to overlay both sides of the wings. I thought it might give the wings a little more interest.

The felt jacket is made out of a rectangular piece of felt. I folded it in half and cut it in a "T" shape, sewed it and cut down the middle of the front.
You'll notice that the sleeves do not match. I made them longer, knowing I could cut them to fit.

This picture shows the sleeves before I cut them.

I used some vintage rick rack to trim the jacket. It was looking a little too plain.
I tried gluing it on, but decided to hand stitch it. 

Here's the jacket with the wings stitched to the back.

Here's one of the Winged Monkeys from the "Wizard of Oz"

image not mine

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