Saturday, January 10, 2015

Repairing a Vintage Patchwork Quilt

I purchased this quilt at a garage sale for just $4. The only thing is, it came with a five inch hole in it.

The hole went through the top layer, the blanket lining and the backing.
The quilt was not a precision quilt. If it had been, I would not have attempted to patch it!
I took out the section that needed repairing. You can see the blanket lining. It's the pink plaid.

This is the backing.

I purchased this vintage dress a while ago just for the material. Someone had already taken the buttons. You can see more of the backing in the two pictures below.

The quilt looks like it has already had some repairs in its past. It was the kind of quilt made from scraps, old clothes and blankets. Many people did not want to waste clothing they had outgrown or were no longer wearable. 

I used the dress to repair the patch along with pieces from the quilt.
This is the back patch. I cut a rectangle approximately and inch bigger than the area needed to be covered. I then folded over and ironed each edge 1/4".
I pinned it in place and hand stitched all four sides.
After patching the back, I cut a piece from an old blanket to patch the lining. That piece was also hand stitched in place. I did a similar patch for the top using a pattern similar to what was removed. I made it using fabric from the dress, pieces from the quilt and vintage fabric I had on hand.

This is a close up of the backing patched.

The patch is in the upper left corner area.
Again, because this wasn't a precision quilt but more like a patchwork quilt, my lack of quilting skills works!
Now I need to find another ladder to hang it on along with this beautiful quilt my daughter, Rebekah made for me.

This is a ladder I found by the side of the road near our home. The top quilt and the second from the bottom are quilts also made by my daughter. The other quilts are vintage quilts I've collected from garage or estate sales.  

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