Friday, September 5, 2014

Estate/Barn Sale Finds

My neighbor and I went to an Estate/Barn Sale and a Garage Sale this morning. We both found lots of interesting things. This is what I picked up at the sales.
I found four vintage trays, four rustic coat hooks, a neat towel bar, a small propeller and some deer antlers.

I picked up two vintage wire baskets, they were filled with material. The lady said I could buy the baskets, but I had to take the material too.
I found this divided drawer with the carved front and a vintage suitcase.

I picked up three rusty scales, a couple of wire wisks and a cute picture of a mama and baby horse.

I'll be painting this divided shelf, as soon as I have time!
All three scales are in the picture below. There's also a hanging scale, very rusty though!
I also got this very old changing table. I think it needs to be re purposed. 
There's also a vintage spray nozzle and a metal suitcase.

I'm not sure what I'll be doing with this vintage garden hose caddy. It would look cool placed in a garden.

And last, a couple of rustic galvanized buckets. I can never have too many of these!


Diana Petrillo said...

Hi Diana! Found you on Pinterest--I'm Diana and have a vintage blog too :) Adirondack Girl @ Heart. So glad to have found you--love your vintage finds!

Diana said...

Diana, thank you! I bookmarked your blog,, to check out more thoroughly once my upcoming show is over. I like what I've looked at so far!