Tuesday, May 6, 2014

DIY Pennant Banner

I just finished four 12 foot lengths of pennants.
It became a trial and error project and
I'm happy to be finished.
They're a great way to add a fun touch to any celebration.

I started with various pieces of quilting fabric in shades of blues, greens and purple.
I made a cardboard template 20" long and 10" wide. 
In order to make it even, I drew the cross marks first, then measured from there.

Next step was to trace around the pattern onto the fabric and cut it out. 

I used fabric fusing adhesive, called Heat n Bond, cut in the 
shape of a triangle. (half of the diamond)

The Heat n Bond is ironed onto the inside of the fabric. Give it a minute to set, then peel off the paper backing, fold the diamond in half and press together with a hot iron.
The instructions come with the adhesive.

After it has adhered, it's ready to be cut with the pinking sheers.  Cut along the two cut sides of the triangle. 

I used Bias Tape Single Fold which I ironed in half lengthwise. 

Allowing for two feet at each end for hanging, I sewed the pennants to the Bias Tape. 
It is tucked into the fold butting up to each other until you have the length of banner you want.

The four I made are 12 feet long and required 15 pennants each.

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