Thursday, August 8, 2013

John Deere Cart

I recently had the opportunity to paint something I've not done before. It was an old metal cart you would pull behind a tractor.
It posed some challenges.
First of all it was very rusted!

After scraping, using a wire brush, sanding and cleaning the cart, it was ready for priming.

Once it was primed it was ready for a coat of John Deere Green paint.
It took three coats of the green paint in addition to the one coat of primer.

Next came the tires. One coat of primer and three coats of yellow paint.


The back panel and two side panels were then stenciled with the John Deere logo.
This posed and additional challenge.
The first stencil was made with contact paper. This idea did not work! When I took the contact paper off, a lot of the yellow paint came off.

I ended up fixing it by painting it freehand.
On the two sides of the cart I used a stencil I made out of Mylar.
I used adhesive to attach the stencil and spray painted it yellow.
When I took the stencil off, much of the adhesive was left behind. It had to be removed with Goo Gone and then hand painted.
On the other side I decided to go the safe route. I put the stencil in place and outlined the logo with a Sharpie.
I then painted it freehand.
The before and after pictures below


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