Monday, July 15, 2013


I just completed a couple of decoupage projects.  I'm finally starting to get the hang of it.
The first project started with a great deal on paper mache letters I found really cheap at a garage sale. I just couldn't pass them up!

I thought right away that it would be appropriate to decoupage the letters with pages from books.
I didn't know if I should use old book pages, pages from an old Hymn book or pages from children's books.
I decided on the children's books because they would be more colorful.

Little did I know how long this project would take.  After working on it several evenings my husband asked how much I would have to charge someone to purchase the finished product.
My answer, "I guess a couple hundred dollars considering the time I've spent on it."
Just kidding!
It did take an unbelievably long time to finish the letters.
I used pages from vintage Golden Books
and Vintage School Books.
Trying to vary the size, shape, color and composition took forever.

Covering every inch of the letters, with all the curves, turns and corners wasn't easy either.
The next project was a little easier.
It was a vintage handmade box with a lid.
I had the box in my Etsy Shop, but it didn't sell.
I took before pictures. I have no idea where they are, so here's the finished product.
The papers came from one of my favorite shops in Bay City, Michigan.
You can visit them at Violets Blue
They have a collection of sturdy papers for wrapping.
Most of them have a vintage flair.
I selected three different papers.
The one I used for this box had cats and kittens.
The other papers were a selection of owls and an alphabet paper.

The box has a loose fitting lid that is also covered in the same paper.

I used the Matte Finish Mod Podge on these projects.


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