Thursday, December 13, 2012

Before and After

Painted Gnome

I picked up this cute ceramic garden gnome at a garage sale this past summer.
He was very chippy and very cheap.
At first I was going to leave it the way I found it,
but on further thought I decided to paint it.
I tried to keep it the same colors.
I used Patio Paints, which are meant for the outdoors.
I first cleaned it to get off any loose paint.
Every color I used required mixing to get as close of a match as I could.
After I finished painting him, I used some of the black Patio Paint mixed with water to give a wash all over him.  I wiped some of it off so most of the black settled in the crevices.
The front and back view
And the bottom view
I think he'll look nice nestled in a garden spot or a special shelf indoor.

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