Monday, September 10, 2012

Garage Sale Friday

My latest garage sale finds all came from one sale.  They had lots of vintage and antique items.  I picked up six of them!
First was this shopping cart on wheels.  These are great for taking to flea markets, farmer's markets or to display your fabric, towels or linen.
Next is a vintage popcorn popper.  I had to ask what it was.  I really was attracted to the colors and patina!  This would be great displayed with a collection of tins.
I found a sewing drawer with old oasis inside.  The oasis came out pretty easy.  This could be used for mail, a small collection or filled with some new oasis and a dried flower arrangement.  
I also came across some vintage toys.  This Fisher Price Barn, Silo and accessories.  This would make a great toy for any young child.  It was made after they realized that the smaller accessories were a choking hazard, so it's safe.  It could also be displayed in a vintage toy collection.
This vintage toy bathinette is made of pink wicker. I believe these were made in the sixties.  It would make a nice addition to a vintage play set or just for display.
Along with that I found this pink wicker cradle, likely from the same era.
These will all likely end up on Etsy, hopefully in September!

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