Saturday, November 26, 2011

Painted Paddle

This paddle started out in kind of rough condition.
 The guy who commissioned it asked
that I paint a lake scene with Adirondack chairs. 

I started out by sanding the paddle to make it as
 smooth as I could.

I then used Kilz to seal it.

   I painted both sides of the paddle adding
   a fence, a sailboat, a pail and a little grass.
The Adirondack chairs on both the back
and the front gave me a bit of grief.
I'm not good at shading objects that are all white.
You can definately tell they are Adirondack chairs.
Just don't look too long or too close!

The last step was to protect it with Spar Varnish so
  it can be hung outside but under a covered porch.

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