Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rustic Windmill Christmas Tree

Our windmill was "re purposed" as a Christmas Tree.
I purchased this rustic windmill from a farmhouse estate sale about four years ago. After being outside many years, a couple of the blades broke.

I had always intended on using it in our family room. This was a good reason to bring it inside. 
It needed a good cleaning. After cleaning it I sanded it, to get all the loose pieces of rust off and to make it a little smoother.

The sanding took a couple of hours. That being done, I dusted and cleaned off all the parts. 

I sealed it with spray on Spar Urethane. 

I found someone in our town who does welding and windmill repair. He fixed it and it was ready to come inside.
I decided to just decorate the windmill instead of using our tree.
The lights I put on the windmill had brown wiring as opposed to green or white. That really helped to hide the wiring.

I hung snowy artificial branches and berries here and there on the windmill.

This may become a tradition. I really liked how easy it was!

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