Thursday, June 12, 2014

Flower Filled Vintage Wheelbarrow

I picked up this cute little rustic wheelbarrow at an estate sale about a month ago.

For a long time I've wanted to take an old wheelbarrow and fill it with flowers.
This seemed like a good wheelbarrow for it.
It is deeper than most wheelbarrows.
I first added three small holes using a 1/4" drill bit. It's for drainage so the plants don't get waterlogged.

Whenever I'm filling a large container for planting I like to put some type of filler in the bottom. It saves on the potting soil. On this project I had some milk jugs and an orange juice container.

In order to keep the holes from getting plugged up with soil I like to add a sheet of landscape cloth. You can find it at any garden center or home improvement store.

Whenever you plant in a container, it is best to use a loose, light soil made for container gardening.

For my back deck I like to plant flowers that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies.
The window over my kitchen sink looks out to the deck. It's nice to look out while I wash dishes and look at the wildlife!
One of the plants that seems to work for me is called Salvia Black and Blue.

Also, the color red attracts hummingbirds.
I added a red geranium, dahlia and lots of red petunias.

I realized I didn't have a plant to attract butterflies, so I picked up a zinnia to add to the wheelbarrow, in red, of course!

The day I finished the wheelbarrow I saw a hummingbird at the Salvia Black and Blue.
I should mention this plant fills out to over two feet tall and wide. It will get up to three feet tall when planted in the ground.

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